Welcome to unitex

Our journey started back in 2004. Initially we were solely a fabric supplier to the fashion textile industry, but quickly we became a pure production company specialized in manufacturing apparel. Later we expanded our business with a division for home textile production. Our main goal is to offer private label customers full scale production services within the textile business.

For this goal we have decided to produce in following 5 countries: Turkey, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Selection of these countries have been a conscious choice. Read more about our manufacturers and countries under production section.

We have devoted ourselves to satisfy the wishes of our customers. To acvhieve this, a comprehensive knowledge of customers’ needs and expectations, flexible and fast order fulfillment, prompt and on time delivery, and higher quality at competitive prices are areas we focus on and will make our most outstanding competitive strengths.

International Code of Conduct principles and values are our basis for production. Transparency and openness is shared with customers to point out that we are doing business passionately and according to our agreed terms. Please read more about this under CSR section.