Production Process

Our production procedure and process is simple. A perfect art of precision and dexterity.

* Call our customer service
* Select / provide your own design
* We make a plan for your program & starts sourcing
* Sample is developed according to your requirement
* Next step is the production phase
* We make quality controls
* Finally we ship/dispatch your product

We keep our customers updated on all stages above – including potential problems – this way of working has proven to be of great satisfaction to our present customers.

Please have a look at our slight show below showing each stage.

Call our Customer service to discuss your collection and terms of cooperation

1  Customer service

You can either provide your own design
or select a style from us

2  Select design

Planning and sourcing will begin. We will source the appropriate yarn, fabric, trims and prepare lapdips and get your approval
before making a sample. Sourcing will be initiated in a wide range of geography in compliance with customers' needs.

3  Planning and sourcing

From selected yarn, fabric and trims we will provide you a product sample.
Some of you will ask for sales sample and preproduction samples.
We have special sampling room for this process.

4  Sample Design

Next step is to prepare for production.
After you have approved our samples for production you send us your order
which we confirm. Production period varies according to product and the country
where we will produce. After clearing the delivery date and suitable production
area with you we supply yarn/fabric/trims for production.

5  Production

Inline and final inspections will be done by
our quality controllers. By our frequent visit to
our factories we will predict and avoid
potential problems in the production.
Finally we will send you shipment
sample before shipping your order.

5  Quality assurance and quality control

At the end your product is ready for shipment. It will be shipped and delivered to your address just on time.

7  shipping and dispatch product